Sea Whisperer

sjø hviske (Sea Whisperer ) ( Norwegian

From the sea we came- and as my early forbears learned, respect for the ways of the Sea and of the Land, and of the ways they gave each other-and them- life practices of Then to Now provides a compass linking best practices on to the Future!

If I am not on the water-, I am near it, and each day I see new ways that the interconnections give me living habits reflect the health.

As I have learned of the materials with which my body is made and performs, I am more and more impressed how my living habits help or hinder, my wellbeing.

In the nearness to nature, I learn more how the ways of those that came before can assist me in living happier and healthier in the present.

Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, the elements known of old, intertwining each of us to that greater universe in which we find our connectedness through the Ether.

To the degree that Mind, Body, and Spirit reach higher levels of health, I learn more how we sense and communicate.

In the stillness that settles over me as I listen to the sounds on Nature, there is a Peace that gives my body time to strengthen so that I may better reach the goals uniting me with the goals giving meaning to my life.

Today, strengthened with the resources that so freely and found, I have powers far beyond those we so often attribute to the Merlins of yesteryear.

And so – I relate to my ancestors to better carve the paths that will deliver a healthier,  happier future to me, and gratefully share in the wellbeing of those in my life.

It is in that silence I hear the whispers

And As I whisper to the elements, the Universe conspires to reward my belief. The more clearly I make my wishes known, the more quickly  I receive answers.

Gratitude is the price I pay to keep sharing the bounties that await.

One strategy  I find useful if to watch the sparkles of the waves – and of the stars, as Gratitude counters.

Never have I reached a limit.


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A Universe That Helps Me Grow With It !

What a wonderful universe in which is ours in which to grow-just about as big – or small as we wish!
Sel-organizing ;self-correcting!
Another happy experience in a hospital this evening.! Gratitude for the teams that work so tirelessly,and with such skill.;and for this body of mine -!self improving-in spite of what I ask of it!!
And ,never tiring o look up to the stars from which i came-and will retun! and the mysterious power the universe shares with me to and let me feel at home as it helps m self correct!-a day at a time!
Gratitude for the people that grace this page – the family and friends that keep my sight refreshed to walk he paths we have created though the years!
Gratitude- selfishly used- for wiser beings than I ,and experience, have taught me that what I am grateful for is what I get to keep -and grow with!
Gratitude2012-09-01 18.50.11
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We alwways want to begin at the present – where we are now- in familiar territory!

In the corridors of time ,though , particularly if sought, traces of a new journey unfold if they are sought!

And it is at this point  we wish to begin this chapter!

Initially , the concept for this blog was just a thought , a blip in the great field that  makes up what mmany of us believe to ve  out universe – God’s world for those believers= our Higher Power – by whatever name is ascribed.

No sooner than recogognized new pages begange to appear – as if by magic! Piecing themselves together as a new chapter- with an evolving pattern which may evenually form a new book- A Book of Life for me- and for some who follow along – and who,inevitablly will write their own book.

On a personal level – health styles surfaced. Hernais appeared , re-appeared. Some from years ago- one of which had been repaired in a city far away -by ones less qualiified to treat whhat was found. Prior to , and subequently, a  pattern of health challenges came to light,which, in retrospect, with symptoms treated separately form a set of frustrating ,and at times debilitating life patterns.

And them coinciding with the new chapter concept, new doctors became involved- new tests- and new procedures were initiated-and up-dated courses of rehabilitation were put into play,with a renewed ,and more a vigorous lifestyle adapted.

Inn other words hope for a renewed , more vigorous -and longer – life appeared on the horizon.

Or as poet, Gibran might have put it-the ship may remain in harbour,for just a little while yet-while preparing for yet another voyage!

Poilitically- a new government was formed – leaving behind an older ,less capable one which in one short decade – had laid to wast what had been a vibant, pprosperous nation.

And, as with a rnewed hope for a more fulfilling life, rher now ws formed a government with an powerful mix of veteran leaders, and ital new younger ones- whose combiined goal was to to restore a nation to a place of pride, nationally -and internationallly.

Somewhat unpectedly ,and with a certain degree of shock,the reppercussions of  decades of war and bombings,couplined with natural disasters brought a flood of refugees to the shores of many nations ,incuding the one on which wwe happenn  to live.

What a Chapter! And with it there – many challenges of sharing a young country with  a controlled flood of new peoples -most of whom had  had lives much like our own – only to have those lives- those homes- blown away – and now were coming to expect to live in  a land of freedoms- but a strange land, among many who were unsure how to welcome them.At the same time ,welcomers were also vigilant to maintain the vibrancy of freedoms,of health, of peace, of community!

And as the new chapter was emerging there was a resolve to build a new- and better one – one that  together, residents ,and new-comers could write the pages that eventually would create the kind of book all would want to read – and share with their children .

Some , in course of reflecting , might ask , will Sanata Claus be part of the story,and for this writer – the answer will be a resounding  YES!

But that leads to yet another chapter!



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Canadian KKK!

Not in my world! First in the US – now in Canada!?

In the United States , over 1,000 leaders in communities have been identiified as active members of the KKK.

Little, or nothing ,, has been done to relieve them of their duties , or prosecute them!

This a a blot on the democratic legacy of the United States.

It is a not a MacArthurian move to remove  them from office.Rather is would be a recognition of their violation of the American heritage.

Trump wants to close the Mexican ( and maybe even the Canadian borders),to secure the US way of life.

Yet he says little of the KK’s identiified. Is that reallyy the kind of country decent people in the States want?

Defenders of the Constitution,noteable Texans,do, I think, want better!

Remember the Alamo! – and the men and women ho have fought and died to protect the American way of life!

And now in Canada- Maniti=oba -to be specific!

The Premier wants to deny entrance to refugees- prompted by the tragedy in Paris! An ocean away!

He is afraid of dangers involved.Let us pause for a moment! Scores of unolved murders within the Manitoba provincial borders- mostly women-and native at that!

Unsolved! Yet he is afraid of weell- processed refugees who are escaping a land where these kind of murders are commonplace- women , children- and some men! Who are now fleeing to a land where they can live in peace, and freeedom, get jobs,contribuute to the economy!

And this fear monger , like the KKKK neighbours to the south, wants to leave them to starve- to suffer-to expeerince the kind of winter from which we seek shelter!

Maybe he just wants to keep murders limited to his own kind? His own way – in his own province!

The majority of Canadian have chosen to leave the fear mongering days behind- and instead have chosen to regain and uphold traditional Candian values!

The new Prime Minister and his Cabinet are working with security forces to mmaintain the integrity and safety of those within our borders!

And to identify , and remove those who would put us in harms way.

I live in Ottawa- a multicultural city – if ever there was one! Each day , I rub shoulders, and share coffees with folks that looks different than I – but who share the same values I do.

I trust my body to them when I need mediccal attention!

I visit the shops and restaurants they run,and meet them doing jobs that wouldl otherwise go unfilled!

Yes- many  I would call friends!

And I would like to keep it that way.

So Manitoba premier! Stay in Manitoba- Keep our poison pen letters in your underwear-an appropriate place for them! Do not bring shame to the vast majority of Manitobans who believe in and share   the Canadian values I do!







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New Chapters! Life changes – somrtimes very quickly – unexpectedly -with out warning

A stroke!

A heart attack!

A disgnosis of Cancr!

A terrorist attack!

Leaviing you /me in the midest off trying to live a well planned life!

Unrelenting- merciless! Uncontainable!

And action must be taken! quickly Acction that will help an individual – a community- A Country – The World!

Having to deal with an invasion of the body – no matter the bounadaries.! Cancers that must vbe contained-

Must be dealth with in a way that rstores homeostasis!

But homeostasis asumes that a systemms can return to nornmal!

But not now there is nor ‘normal’! Only a context that must be shifted ! A paradigm that must yet be invented.

And- as in a chapter in a book- rhere are chapters that  can be referred  to! Familiar teritory that ccan again be revisited to allow a new familiar future to be created -based on tha was known.

But now – reference to what was familiar is only like enfoldding a familiar saviour,who has been transformed into a hideous semcblance of what ws a familiar figure on a Cruciifx-adulterateed by monsterswho have noe wish to favour the prsent ith a rapidly vanishing pastpast.

Andd yet , out universe is one that dos wish to restore order,that does wish to restore an new sharablw future.

Much like the rose , that liees buried beneathe winter snows, protect b the wintery snow, doe emerge again to a nrw kife a the sune once again brongs a new order into being.

New life takes form  crrrying  within iit the semblance of a world long gone- but yet eborn to cary on!

Fron the chaoes that as infliccted in the last capter.

comes new pages – empllty, waiting to be written on mto create a new life form- one ht the writers with to share.

So ,from chaos,, comes order, new liffe.


In the new begining is the Word!

And what is written  will be so!.

Abd as the straem flow s on , it leaves behind thee wreckage of the past..anf flow into the pronmiise of a new fuuturre.

And we wwho are parrt of the renewing future , are foertunate to have a powerful leaderfhips rteam working with other world leaders  to help ut write new llives!


l leeaders


2012-09-01 18.50.11

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Folowers on Facebook !

For those that might like to add comments , pictures, or videos, you might wish  to  also  jump over to  the Camelot Renewed page on Facebook- as well as contribute here!

With all the negativity , and mindless violence that is taking place in this world, any help to  stimulate  change to a BETTER world will be appreciated- and may we all live to enjoy it!

Camelot REnwwed- Facebook       /consciouslifenews/photos/a.446595352051422.110126.148270801883880/874161245961495/?type=1

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Camelot Re-Newed!

Great tales never die- nor do the dreams from which they have been created.

And so it is with the tales of the Magical Camelot that have drifted down the mists of the Centuries.

And so as- King Arthur said as he approached his final breaths.

“Let them know that there was a Camelot!”

And so the dream has lived on!

And in my own humble way , I hope hat we can work to create a re-newed Camelot.

This ne will be one molded to the needs of the 21st Century – and beyond- using resources unknown to The Arthurians and perhaps, as yet unknown  to us.

Controversy it will contain- as persons of varying degrees of expertise, and knowledge come to the pages – and hopefully- leave their marks.

Chivalry – quaint as it may seem to some , may once again be revived.

And so , may the saga be renewed.

Come- let us shape a new Camelot

Watch ‘The Vikings, as they contribute to the early beginnings from the North.

The Celts, as they weave into the ffabric of the stoty the twists and tuns of their unqiue history as they come to the Islands from the stepppes of ancient Russia, on though Romania, ,Western Europ, and finally the Islands, lendin foods, music, dance, and bloodshed- to what eventually will help of create he legendsof old.

Christianity will be seen to repeat its gory legacies even into today.

to us.

Long Ago – And Far Away!

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In the NOW I can always feel gratitude- one breath at a time! At those time when I let the future fall back into the present,or  the past clutter the moment- I can sometimes feel that glow of gratitude slip away. Along my path , I have been taught the attitude of gratitude, and learned from experience that that for which I am grateful is most often what I get to keep. At those unsettled times, I take a long,slow, deep breath, and experience the fullness of the gift of NOW – which is why -for many-it is called – the  PRESENT! Easy – not always- but always makes life easier!And wiser ones that I have given me perhaps the most valued gift of all- the power of CHOICE! I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers, and helpers, on my journey. And have slowly learned that it is best for me when I take time to savor those  gratitude moments.


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Life changes!

It  often facinates me to reflect on the book of  life being lived, and the many chapters – experinceed= closed- but still part of the journey- and more yet to come.

The chllenge I find, is to live each new one fresh, carry forward lessons learned,but not weighed  down by the baggage collected,bur recharged but the dream of experiences to be created.

And yes- I am one of those that know that the past can be changed, that the future chapters can be scripted  to fit new visions.

The Vikings of old used the powers of their times, the strength of their visions, and the belief that new worlds were there to be visited, while still caring for the home fields, and folk.

The TV series “Vikings’


carries with it many lessons for those who would see.

And all the while the songs from  Mamma Mia g keep ringing in my mind.

Pierce Bronson , as he sings along with Meryl Streep in this song , reminds me of me once upon a time!

I may be reading too much into it, but I sense that he is working hard to stay the tune, and can almost hear the sigh of relief as his part ends.know that I , in one my stage songs, felt like that. Something I had to do in the role- but glad to get it over with!

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Once again- upon a river!

2012-09-01 18.50.11Lazy,hazy afternoon on the Ottawa!
If you look carefully.there is a tiny “sun dog to the right- a good luck sigb for many sailors:-)
A glance above says some wet weather not too far off.
Each day brings a different personality to the river.
Today a more serene one,warm- almost balmy!
Maybe today I will not go South,
Just enjoy my border home …et la joie de vive!

Once glance will tell a complete story!

Lazy,hazy afternoon on the Ottawa!
If you look carefully.there is a tiny “sun dog to the right- a good luck sigb for many sailors:-)
A glance above says some wet weather not too far off.
Each day brings a different personality to the river.
Today a more serene one,warm- almost balmy!
Maybe today I will not go South,
Just enjoy my border home …et la joie de vive!


2012-09-01 18.50.11

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