From Here To There and Back Again!

So much beauty – sometimes such deadly beauty!
With the irony being that we are the unleashers of our own poison!
And in the name of progress!
A view moments viewing the story that surface during the following presentation can give us first a glimpse of nature’s beauty – then the meddling of man that unleashes deadly transformation.
And then the gradual asserrtion of the natural elements to restore the natural healing powers conatined by Mpther Earth..Eventyually, she ewind , and the naural beauity of the earth reeturns.

Unfortunate it is that the perpetrators, and along with them , the innocents, will not see the end of the process.
With a return of common sense , and an working working Mother Nature, our descendants will be here to enjoy that process- and to have learned to preserve and enjoy it.
Submissions are welcomed!

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