Dealing With the Symptoms! Ignoring the Causes!

Causes-EffectsWhen I was a youngster , I loved candy.The more the better, And Oh! So Good it was!
But then came the cankors, the boils, the sores, the scars in the mouth, until slowly the connection was made that too many sweets were causing the problems with the health.

And slowly m gruidgingly, the use of sweets lessened, until eventually the sores and health problems lessened, and were controlled..To this days , I still like sweets , occasionally, and ,perhaps rationalizing, used in a healthy way.
Or perhaps, at the very least , in a not so unhealthy way!
My government did not help very much . In fact it continues to allow the perpetuation,and indeed the proliferation of disease-producing drinks , and foods.
The perception of the connection between the revenue and tax producing benefits versus the health costs was kept very well hidden from the consumer(s) that paid the ultimate penalties.

Why all the talk of sweets, and that whicvh so many like , but related to such high costs down the road!

The spate of multiple slayings related to the continued use of guns , is I think a fitting analogy!Little is made of the connection between improper use of guns, and the attendant social conditions that give rise to so many problems – at such a high cost in human life, injury , and sufferering.

A few moment spent reviewing the compelling date and arguments presented by the Thrive movement may help shed a different light on the topic.

There is not ‘ simple ‘ answer , nor is there a simple remedy. However, a different approach to the use of guns, and the kinds of guns being made available to the masses , may help provide a better context for their use!


I mean -why are such a variety of lethal weapons needed! A machine gun to hunt a deer? or kill; a partridge! Does a Rambo really need to ride rampant near a kindergarten class?

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