In the NOW I can always feel gratitude- one breath at a time! At those time when I let the future fall back into the present,or  the past clutter the moment- I can sometimes feel that glow of gratitude slip away. Along my path , I have been taught the attitude of gratitude, and learned from experience that that for which I am grateful is most often what I get to keep. At those unsettled times, I take a long,slow, deep breath, and experience the fullness of the gift of NOW – which is why -for many-it is called – the  PRESENT! Easy – not always- but always makes life easier!And wiser ones that I have given me perhaps the most valued gift of all- the power of CHOICE! I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers, and helpers, on my journey. And have slowly learned that it is best for me when I take time to savor those  gratitude moments.


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