Camelot Re-Newed!

Great tales never die- nor do the dreams from which they have been created.

And so it is with the tales of the Magical Camelot that have drifted down the mists of the Centuries.

And so as- King Arthur said as he approached his final breaths.

“Let them know that there was a Camelot!”

And so the dream has lived on!

And in my own humble way , I hope hat we can work to create a re-newed Camelot.

This ne will be one molded to the needs of the 21st Century – and beyond- using resources unknown to The Arthurians and perhaps, as yet unknown ┬áto us.

Controversy it will contain- as persons of varying degrees of expertise, and knowledge come to the pages – and hopefully- leave their marks.

Chivalry – quaint as it may seem to some , may once again be revived.

And so , may the saga be renewed.

Come- let us shape a new Camelot

Watch ‘The Vikings, as they contribute to the early beginnings from the North.

The Celts, as they weave into the ffabric of the stoty the twists and tuns of their unqiue history as they come to the Islands from the stepppes of ancient Russia, on though Romania, ,Western Europ, and finally the Islands, lendin foods, music, dance, and bloodshed- to what eventually will help of create he legendsof old.

Christianity will be seen to repeat its gory legacies even into today.

to us.

Long Ago – And Far Away!

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