New Chapters! Life changes – somrtimes very quickly – unexpectedly -with out warning

A stroke!

A heart attack!

A disgnosis of Cancr!

A terrorist attack!

Leaviing you /me in the midest off trying to live a well planned life!

Unrelenting- merciless! Uncontainable!

And action must be taken! quickly Acction that will help an individual – a community- A Country – The World!

Having to deal with an invasion of the body – no matter the bounadaries.! Cancers that must vbe contained-

Must be dealth with in a way that rstores homeostasis!

But homeostasis asumes that a systemms can return to nornmal!

But not now there is nor ‘normal’! Only a context that must be shifted ! A paradigm that must yet be invented.

And- as in a chapter in a book- rhere are chapters that  can be referred  to! Familiar teritory that ccan again be revisited to allow a new familiar future to be created -based on tha was known.

But now – reference to what was familiar is only like enfoldding a familiar saviour,who has been transformed into a hideous semcblance of what ws a familiar figure on a Cruciifx-adulterateed by monsterswho have noe wish to favour the prsent ith a rapidly vanishing pastpast.

Andd yet , out universe is one that dos wish to restore order,that does wish to restore an new sharablw future.

Much like the rose , that liees buried beneathe winter snows, protect b the wintery snow, doe emerge again to a nrw kife a the sune once again brongs a new order into being.

New life takes form  crrrying  within iit the semblance of a world long gone- but yet eborn to cary on!

Fron the chaoes that as infliccted in the last capter.

comes new pages – empllty, waiting to be written on mto create a new life form- one ht the writers with to share.

So ,from chaos,, comes order, new liffe.


In the new begining is the Word!

And what is written  will be so!.

Abd as the straem flow s on , it leaves behind thee wreckage of the past..anf flow into the pronmiise of a new fuuturre.

And we wwho are parrt of the renewing future , are foertunate to have a powerful leaderfhips rteam working with other world leaders  to help ut write new llives!


l leeaders


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