Canadian KKK!

Not in my world! First in the US – now in Canada!?

In the United States , over 1,000 leaders in communities have been identiified as active members of the KKK.

Little, or nothing ,, has been done to relieve them of their duties , or prosecute them!

This a a blot on the democratic legacy of the United States.

It is a not a MacArthurian move to remove  them from office.Rather is would be a recognition of their violation of the American heritage.

Trump wants to close the Mexican ( and maybe even the Canadian borders),to secure the US way of life.

Yet he says little of the KK’s identiified. Is that reallyy the kind of country decent people in the States want?

Defenders of the Constitution,noteable Texans,do, I think, want better!

Remember the Alamo! – and the men and women ho have fought and died to protect the American way of life!

And now in Canada- Maniti=oba -to be specific!

The Premier wants to deny entrance to refugees- prompted by the tragedy in Paris! An ocean away!

He is afraid of dangers involved.Let us pause for a moment! Scores of unolved murders within the Manitoba provincial borders- mostly women-and native at that!

Unsolved! Yet he is afraid of weell- processed refugees who are escaping a land where these kind of murders are commonplace- women , children- and some men! Who are now fleeing to a land where they can live in peace, and freeedom, get jobs,contribuute to the economy!

And this fear monger , like the KKKK neighbours to the south, wants to leave them to starve- to suffer-to expeerince the kind of winter from which we seek shelter!

Maybe he just wants to keep murders limited to his own kind? His own way – in his own province!

The majority of Canadian have chosen to leave the fear mongering days behind- and instead have chosen to regain and uphold traditional Candian values!

The new Prime Minister and his Cabinet are working with security forces to mmaintain the integrity and safety of those within our borders!

And to identify , and remove those who would put us in harms way.

I live in Ottawa- a multicultural city – if ever there was one! Each day , I rub shoulders, and share coffees with folks that looks different than I – but who share the same values I do.

I trust my body to them when I need mediccal attention!

I visit the shops and restaurants they run,and meet them doing jobs that wouldl otherwise go unfilled!

Yes- many  I would call friends!

And I would like to keep it that way.

So Manitoba premier! Stay in Manitoba- Keep our poison pen letters in your underwear-an appropriate place for them! Do not bring shame to the vast majority of Manitobans who believe in and share   the Canadian values I do!







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