We alwways want to begin at the present – where we are now- in familiar territory!

In the corridors of time ,though , particularly if sought, traces of a new journey unfold if they are sought!

And it is at this point  we wish to begin this chapter!

Initially , the concept for this blog was just a thought , a blip in the great field that  makes up what mmany of us believe to ve  out universe – God’s world for those believers= our Higher Power – by whatever name is ascribed.

No sooner than recogognized new pages begange to appear – as if by magic! Piecing themselves together as a new chapter- with an evolving pattern which may evenually form a new book- A Book of Life for me- and for some who follow along – and who,inevitablly will write their own book.

On a personal level – health styles surfaced. Hernais appeared , re-appeared. Some from years ago- one of which had been repaired in a city far away -by ones less qualiified to treat whhat was found. Prior to , and subequently, a  pattern of health challenges came to light,which, in retrospect, with symptoms treated separately form a set of frustrating ,and at times debilitating life patterns.

And them coinciding with the new chapter concept, new doctors became involved- new tests- and new procedures were initiated-and up-dated courses of rehabilitation were put into play,with a renewed ,and more a vigorous lifestyle adapted.

Inn other words hope for a renewed , more vigorous -and longer – life appeared on the horizon.

Or as poet, Gibran might have put it-the ship may remain in harbour,for just a little while yet-while preparing for yet another voyage!

Poilitically- a new government was formed – leaving behind an older ,less capable one which in one short decade – had laid to wast what had been a vibant, pprosperous nation.

And, as with a rnewed hope for a more fulfilling life, rher now ws formed a government with an powerful mix of veteran leaders, and ital new younger ones- whose combiined goal was to to restore a nation to a place of pride, nationally -and internationallly.

Somewhat unpectedly ,and with a certain degree of shock,the reppercussions of  decades of war and bombings,couplined with natural disasters brought a flood of refugees to the shores of many nations ,incuding the one on which wwe happenn  to live.

What a Chapter! And with it there – many challenges of sharing a young country with  a controlled flood of new peoples -most of whom had  had lives much like our own – only to have those lives- those homes- blown away – and now were coming to expect to live in  a land of freedoms- but a strange land, among many who were unsure how to welcome them.At the same time ,welcomers were also vigilant to maintain the vibrancy of freedoms,of health, of peace, of community!

And as the new chapter was emerging there was a resolve to build a new- and better one – one that  together, residents ,and new-comers could write the pages that eventually would create the kind of book all would want to read – and share with their children .

Some , in course of reflecting , might ask , will Sanata Claus be part of the story,and for this writer – the answer will be a resounding  YES!

But that leads to yet another chapter!



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