A Universe That Helps Me Grow With It !

What a wonderful universe in which is ours in which to grow-just about as big – or small as we wish!
Sel-organizing ;self-correcting!
Another happy experience in a hospital this evening.! Gratitude for the teams that work so tirelessly,and with such skill.;and for this body of mine -!self improving-in spite of what I ask of it!!
And ,never tiring o look up to the stars from which i came-and will retun! and the mysterious power the universe shares with me to and let me feel at home as it helps m self correct!-a day at a time!
Gratitude for the people that grace this page – the family and friends that keep my sight refreshed to walk he paths we have created though the years!
Gratitude- selfishly used- for wiser beings than I ,and experience, have taught me that what I am grateful for is what I get to keep -and grow with!
Gratitude2012-09-01 18.50.11
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