Sea Whisperer

sjø hviske (Sea Whisperer ) ( Norwegian

From the sea we came- and as my early forbears learned, respect for the ways of the Sea and of the Land, and of the ways they gave each other-and them- life practices of Then to Now provides a compass linking best practices on to the Future!

If I am not on the water-, I am near it, and each day I see new ways that the interconnections give me living habits reflect the health.

As I have learned of the materials with which my body is made and performs, I am more and more impressed how my living habits help or hinder, my wellbeing.

In the nearness to nature, I learn more how the ways of those that came before can assist me in living happier and healthier in the present.

Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, the elements known of old, intertwining each of us to that greater universe in which we find our connectedness through the Ether.

To the degree that Mind, Body, and Spirit reach higher levels of health, I learn more how we sense and communicate.

In the stillness that settles over me as I listen to the sounds on Nature, there is a Peace that gives my body time to strengthen so that I may better reach the goals uniting me with the goals giving meaning to my life.

Today, strengthened with the resources that so freely and found, I have powers far beyond those we so often attribute to the Merlins of yesteryear.

And so – I relate to my ancestors to better carve the paths that will deliver a healthier,  happier future to me, and gratefully share in the wellbeing of those in my life.

It is in that silence I hear the whispers

And As I whisper to the elements, the Universe conspires to reward my belief. The more clearly I make my wishes known, the more quickly  I receive answers.

Gratitude is the price I pay to keep sharing the bounties that await.

One strategy  I find useful if to watch the sparkles of the waves – and of the stars, as Gratitude counters.

Never have I reached a limit.


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