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Captivating Music of the World!-Hawaiian Style!

One of the joys of travel is the exposure to the musics and dance of different cultures. As readers of this blog know, my penchannt is for the Celtic, but  I am also always caught by the nystique and magic … Continue reading

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Insight of the Day


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Dealing With the Symptoms! Ignoring the Causes!

Causes-EffectsWhen I was a youngster , I loved candy.The more the better, And Oh! So Good it was! But then came the cankors, the boils, the sores, the scars in the mouth, until slowly the connection was made that too … Continue reading

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From Here To There and Back Again!

So much beauty – sometimes such deadly beauty! With the irony being that we are the unleashers of our own poison! And in the name of progress! A view moments viewing the story that surface during the following presentation can … Continue reading

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Wildcat ll This , of course, is just one of the many types of cruises available during 2012 Boating Season with 1000 Islands & Seaway Cruises out of Brockville and various departure points along the St.Lawrence River.

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Celtic Code: Human Rights and Freedoms

We see and hear so much about ‘Honour “codes coming from different corners of the world, we should not forget that the Celts probably set the standard for functional codes, that protected the hard-won rights and freedoms acquired over the … Continue reading

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The Voice

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